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Solar Energy Solution

It is possible that the world will face a global energy crisis fuel to a decline in the availability of cheap oil and recommendation to a decreasing dependency of fossil fuel. Today Solar Energy have significantly alternated fossil fuel with big ecological problems.

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CCTV Solution

CCTV or perhaps closed circuit television is actually a reliable way of capturing not only that it is also great way to keep track of each of the activity in your own home or office from any were from the world. It also enables instant alert message in case of emergency.

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Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System is used to track the movement and location of vehicles with software and transfer the data to the centralized server at regular interval. Today's technology commonly use GPS technology for locating the vehicle and can be viewed as electronic map.

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ERP Software Solution

Enterprise Resource Planning[ERP] is business process managed software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated application to manage the business and automate many office functions related to the technology, service and human resources, POS, PMS etc.

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Home Security

Fortify premises monitor critical assets to prevent intrusion & crime with our proven physical security and surveillance technology with the latest GPS technology for alert message system in case of emergency.

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DC Solar Solution

DC solar solution is an innovative technology which provides green solar energy and DC power at very low cost. The technology removes the requirement of AC to DC and DC to AC conversion which helps in reducing the cost of production of per unit watt power.

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